Franck Media is a family-owned film production company headquartered in Helsinki. The firm was founded by Michael Franck, the noted journalist and documentarian in 1985, and has since grown exponentially. It currently employs several dozen media and documentary film professionals.

Franck Media‘s principal focus for the last ten years has been on producing one-hour documentary films depicting entrepreneurial success stories in Finland – through the awarded long-running series “Behind the Success”, produced by the company. The up to now approximately hundred episodes comprise a filmic prism through which one can trace Finland’s extraordinary success story and metamorphosis – from an arctic rural former part of Sweden, later Russian Grand Duchy at the edge of Europe at the beginning of the 20th century – to the innovative and prosperous nation and European leader and problem-solving hub that Finland has become today.

Thanks to an exclusive and perennial arrangement with the news department of MTV3, Finland’s largest commercial network, the company’s films are broadcast in prime time through traditional TV media, having cumulatively reached more than 15 million TV viewers, in Finland only. The films include stories of family based companies such as Kone, Fazer and Ahlstrom, publicly owned Metso, global power leader ABB Strömberg, commercial banks such as Nordea, the documentary tale of 200-year-old Bank of Finland as well as documentary presentations of several private foundations.

Franck Media is currently developing a new science series about Finland’s future targets: the logistical, ecological and scientific position of the country – as a part of the Nordic region, Europe and the world. The series introduces the ongoing transfer of life and industry, from a fossil period of history – into biotechnology – and is set up in co-operation with major corporations with activity in Finland, universities, private foundations and the government.

The production company is also in production with a dozen documentary films, including the story of Neste Oil (how Finland during the cold war became an “oil country”), Fingrid, the government-owned power network operator and a programme on the future of Finnish media and the role of public service in it – as well as a few personal documentary portraits.